1. Cancellation / Refund Policy

      1. 25% of the ticket fare if cancellation is done more than 4 days before the departure date.
      2. 50% of the ticket fare if cancellation is done within 3 days before the departure date
      3. iii. 75% of the ticket fare if cancellation is done within 2 days before the departure date.
      4. Nil refund if cancellation is done a day before departure date.

    Eagle Air will issue refunds for eligible tickets within 30 days for credit/debit card purchases, but please note this does
    not include your own bank processing time. Please note all requests are subject to fees or penalties as refund handling fees.

    No Show Policy

    Where confirmed travel is not cancelled on time i.e. before 24 hours of flight departure, it shall be treated as a “NO SHOW” & attracts nil refund unless the passenger is unable to travel due to health reasons. Refunds in this case will be considered on an individual basis however, a handling fee of USD$50 PER TICKET IS PAYABLE.

    Refunds are only applied at the Head Office Kampala

    Definition: NO SHOW:

    These are passengers with confirmed tickets but fail to show up on the dates of travel.

    However if the client wishes to utilize his or her ticket at a future date within the validation period, it will attract a penalty of $100.

Check in Time

Passengers must check in one Hour before the scheduled departure time on all flights.

Ticket Re– Validation Procedures

  1. Tickets are allowed an extension on validity for a period of 3 to 6 months i.e. if the
  2. Passenger has a genuine reason for not utilizing his or her tickets within the first three months.
  3. Tickets which have not been able to be used within a year are regarded as invalid.
  4. The client is free to change his / her date of travel within a period of 24 hours at no additional cost.

Other Services We Offer

  1. Diversion flights to Gulu, Pakuba, Moyo and Adjumani
  2. Charter flights within the region
  3. Cargo flights
  4. Medical Evacuation
  5. Aircraft Maintenance Facility
  6. Clearing and Forwarding
  7. Office Space
  8. Fun – Flights


All areas in Uganda with service-able aerodromes & to the East & Central African region.