Eagle Air is pleased to introduce to you our Medical Evacuation Service, one of the popular products among our portfolio. Our Operating base is at Entebbe International Airport.

We offer uninterrupted en-route care by air from points of illness to definite care centers, with special means aimed at preventing the patient’s conditions from further deterioration. The evacuation could be borne out of illness, accidents or any other threat to Life. We evacuate from the nearest airfield location, to a recommended site from where they could be transferred for medical attention. Our aircraft are configured into an air ambulance and fitted with all required medical equipment and personnel, before being dispatched to the site of evacuation.

Note: Eagle Air offers Air transport service not Medical Personnel and Equipment.

Aircraft for Evacuation

Our total patient carrying capacity on all our fleet is estimated at 10. With two stretcher fixed on the (2) Beechcraft 1900 and 04 on (2) LET410 Aircraft. However, in order for us to plan for this effectively, we need to retrofit the aircraft. This takes two hours for mobilization to have the necessary equipment fixed ready for take-off.

Patient Care OnBoard

Both our aircraft are configured into an air ambulance and fitted with all required medical equipment. Eagle Air only provides flight crew for the Evacuation flight. The entire medical team is the responsibility of the Client.  No evacuations are done unless the medical team is on-board

Medical Equipment

All equipment for the purpose of the executing the evacuation, for example life support equipment, stretcher kits, equipment mounts for securing monitors and medical devices, medical cabinets, Poles, Patient Loading Systems, and anyothers deemed relevant for this exercise are the responsibility of Client.

Areas of Operation

The medical evacuations done internally have been out of destinations which have   serviceable airstrip and the mostly point of delivery is Nairobi and Entebbe International Airport. 

Please note our operating base is Entebbe International Airport which comes in as an added advantage. Within Uganda we evacuate from the nearest airfield location to a recommended site from where patients could be transferred for medical attention. Entebbe is also used as the only convenient entry and exit point at the moment because of its facilities ie lighting which miss from other airstrip within the Country.

Hours of Operation

Our normal flight operations are 24 – hrs, however, for domestic flights within Uganda, all operations are between 0700 – 18:00 hrs. The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) regulations bar operations beyond 18:00hrs out of aerodromes that do not have night lighting facilities.  In Uganda currently, the only airport with night lighting facilities is Entebbe International Airport. The implication of this is that patients have to be evacuated out of the up country aerodromes only at day light.

Ground Operations

Eagle Air does not offer Ground Ambulance Services to transport patients from the delivery points to Medical Facilities. However, in Uganda there are specialized Air Ambulance Companies available to offer this service. The Air Ambulance Companies provide;

  • Doctors,
  • Stretcher
  • Ambulance
  • Life supporting equipments
  • Medical devices
  • Other facilites reguired by the patient
  • Patient care on board.

Fee – For – Service

Charges are levied based on actual medical evacuation flights done, area/site of evacuation and flight distance of travel, location, type of aircraft used among others. Quotations are available on request.  We allow Companies to place aircraft on standby for any eventualities which may arise and necessitate medical evacuation.  We also have companies who have gone ahead to deposit money in advance to have these flights organized as first priority in case of a Medivac.